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Metal Lion - Brushed iCe

Mac and Metal Lion Meet Again.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: This is the Brushed version of Metal Lion - iCe, which is designed to closely shadow the Mac UI, but improve it where appropriate and is intended to give Windows nd Linux users the same professional standard that Mac users already enjoy. Feel free to check out Metal Lion - iCe as well, which also has more Preview Pictures.Contributor : Laszlo.Mac Advisor : TmaeusToolbar Buttons (reworked) from RE-Evolution set and inspiration to create a Firefox theme : Lynchknot...http://lynchknot.comOption window icons (reworked) by Tlacuilo. **** As with most Modern Themes, Right click on Back/Forward Buttons for Dropdown List. *** @@ Please direct all Support questions or Feature Requests to either my website or the Mozillazine forums, as the y are NEVER answered here. @@*** To view the Theme pictures, please use the 'More Previews' link, on the right.*****'Known Issues' - Fission and AIOS extension.

Category Categories: Miscellaneous, Modern, Nature, OS Integration

Download Metal Lion - Brushed iCe [Firefox theme] Install: Metal Lion - Brushed iCe

Metal Lion - Brushed iCe preview

Metal Lion - Brushed iCe:
Metal Lion - Brushed iCe

Main Browser Window:
Main Browser Window

Toolbar view:
Toolbar view

Tab Overflow Mode and Tab Scroll Arrows...:
Tab Overflow Mode and Tab Scroll Arrows...

Addons Manager...:
Addons Manager...

New Options Window...:
New Options Window...

Downloads Window...:
Downloads Window...

Firefox 'About' Window...:

Scrollbars and Progressmeter Balls.:
Scrollbars and Progressmeter Balls.



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