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Metal Lion - iCe

Mac and Metal Lion Meet.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: Designed to closely shadow the Mac UI, but improve it where appropriate and is intended to give Windows nd Linux users the same professional standard that Mac users already enjoy.Contributor : Laszlo.Mac Advisor : TmaeusToolbar Buttons (reworked) from RE-Evolution set and inspiration to create a Firefox theme : Lynchknot...http://lynchknot.comOption window icons (reworked) by Tlacuilo. **** As with most Modern Themes, Right click on Back/Forward Buttons for Dropdown List. *** @@ Please direct all Support questions or Feature Requests to either my website or the Mozillazine forums, as they are NEVER answered here. @@*** To view the Theme pictures, please use the 'More Previews' link, on the right.*****'Known Issues' - Fission and AIOS extension.

Category Categories: Miscellaneous, Modern, Nature, OS Integration

Download Metal Lion - iCe [Firefox theme] Install: Metal Lion - iCe

Metal Lion - iCe preview

Metal Lion - iCe:
Metal Lion - iCe

Main Browser Window:
Main Browser Window

New Backgrounds on Toolbar, Tab Bar and Statusbar...:
New Backgrounds on Toolbar, Tab Bar and Statusbar...

Addons Manager...:
Addons Manager...

New Options Window...:
New Options Window...

Downloads Window...:
Downloads Window...

Tab Overflow Mode and Tab Scroll Arrows...:
Tab Overflow Mode and Tab Scroll Arrows...

General Toolbar shot...:
General Toolbar shot...

Firefox 'About' Window...:

Scrollbars and Progressmeter Balls.:
Scrollbars and Progressmeter Balls.



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