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Orbit Grey Custom

Px Classic with a Grey button set, now maintained by Lothsahn.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.* ALL

Notes / Comments: Artists, PLEASE send me an email. I can always use help creating icons.Updates needed:1) Medium sized buttons2) Theme the help menu (2.0.0)3) Various bugfixes - missing border in the find window, the tools->options icons are not in the correct order, etc.If the buttons are too big, you can right click on the menu bar and go to customize. There will be a "small icons" checkbox that will make the buttons smaller.If you are having specific problems with the theme, PLEASE DROP ME AN EMAIL. This is more likely to fix the issue than posting comments (although those are welcome too) because I will usually either be unable to reproduce and fix your issue.Users with FF 1.5 should download Orbit Grey Custom 0.7.0. Users with FF 2.0 should get the latest version. Users on FF 1.0 should upgrade. Really.***There is another version of Orbit Grey (icons are more spread out) which is being maintained by hhh and is availiable at:***Orbit Grey Originally built by RAF and Matt Cutlack.

Category Categories: Large, Modern, OS Integration

Download Orbit Grey Custom [Firefox theme] Install: Orbit Grey Custom

Orbit Grey Custom preview

Orbit Grey Large Buttons:
Orbit Grey Large Buttons

Orbit Grey Small Buttons:
Orbit Grey Small Buttons

Orbit Grey Small Buttons:
Orbit Grey Small Buttons



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