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Phoenity Firefox

A simple and colourful theme for everyone.

Supported Firefox versions: Firefox 1.0PR - 3.0a1 ALL

Notes / Comments: Phoenity for Firefox was created by Lim Chee Aun (many people helped in the process). I made minor modifications to make it compatible with Firefox 1.5. Now it is also compatible with Firefox 2.0b1 (Bon Echo) and Firefox 3.0a1 (Minefield). (However it may not at par with the current nightly.*) Backwards compatibility remains.This theme can be customized by using a variety subskins, most of which are described in: now there is no need to look for userChrome.css file! Since version 1.5.8, the sub-skins can be selected from the "About Phoenity" dialog found through the themes window (Phoenity Firefox must be the active theme for showing the About Phoenity dialog).*I am working on supporting the tabs bar, search bar, and options for the latest nightly.>> Regarding reported bugs:All standard buttons are the same size, hence I cannot reproduce sergei's problem with the "stop-or-reload button" unless showing "icons and text" with the "textright" subskin active (same as when showing "text" with no icons). (I yet want to make it so that all extensions buttons have the same size too, but this is not the case.) Saumya's report of the back and forward buttons being interchanged is caused by having the "rtl" subskin active (just do not use it). Finally, JimB's reported problem about the "rewind/fastforward buttons" seems to be in the extension, I found the same problem using Firefox's default skin (yet I do not skin the prev. and next buttons). I version 1.5.902 introduced a feature that caused some problems with some extensions, i.e., compressing buttons (thanks to all that pointed this out). To avoid the problem, starting with version 1.5.904 the button compression will be done only for particular extensions. J.Murphy indicated a spacing problem with "foxytunes" which is solved in 1.5.904. He also pointed the "Gmail Manager" popup will not show the account names, but only when the cutemenus sub-skin is active. This "Gmail Manager" problem is solved in 1.5.905. Alain described a situation where the list of themes and extensions is cleared leaving the just the last item, i.e., Phoenity. I can replicate this by setting active the "macscrollbar" sub-skin. This is a legacy sub-skin meant ONLY for Firefox 1.0 running on a Macintosh system. DO NOT USE macscrollbar IN ANOTHER SYSTEM OR WITH Firefox 1.5. You should probably restrain from using the "rtl" sub-skin because it will switch the back and forward buttons! Please, read the tips for the sub-skins (I am sorry if they disappear to quickly).The text "Go" is included in the go button for consistency reasons since version 1.5.907. The smaller go icon is the default starting with 1.5.908. You can revert to the plain old go button (with no forced text) by selecting the "plaingo" sub-skin within the "About Phoenity" dialog. For this: go to the themes window; 'right-click' on "Phoenity"; ...; remember to restart Firefox). If you really prefer a previous version, click on the "all previous releases" link below in this page, download the '.jar' file, then 'drag and drop' it into the themes list in the themes window.After it being pointed by Webgoji, a problem with the "Fission" extension is solved in release 1.5.912: the extension now works correctly even with the 'roundedbars' sub-skin.Thanks to RobertJ for the pointed problem with the Mac --that I cannot verify yet! I will work towards solving the issue without the need for a 'hack.'I have never seen the "Glitch" reported by Sana. I have taken every precaution to avoid a shaking window, which is a problem I cannot verify. I would like to know which conditions (what extension?) may reveal such problem (if it exists!) in the theme.Concerning doink-chan's glitch from using the Spinfox custom throbber: the code from the Spinfox pleople to be inserted in userChrome.css has to include needs the line:toolbar #navigator-throbber { background-image: none !important; }I am confused about chancewen's comment. I have not seen any extension's options window disappear, nor there is anything in the theme that would cause that. I particularly verified that this was not the case for any of Bookmark Duplicate Detector, Download Statusbar, or GooglePrview.Note: After restarting for the first time when installing any extension, some particular extensions may not skin correctly. This is due to the way the original skin of those extensions were created. The problem is solved by restarting Firefox again.---Again: most of the credit goes to Lim Chee Aun. The theme had all icons (except for some extensions) and all sub-skins when I took over supporting it. I have help from others too.

Category Categories: Modern, OS Integration

Download Phoenity Firefox [Firefox theme] Install: Phoenity Firefox

Phoenity Firefox preview

with cutebuttons subskin:
with cutebuttons subskin

Phoenity Firefox:
Phoenity Firefox

phoenity with office2003 and cutemenus subskins -- Editing in bookmarks in Firefox (Simplified Chinese!):
phoenity with office2003 and cutemenus subskins -- Editing in bookmarks in Firefox (Simplified Chinese!)

with office2003, roundedbars, cutemenus, tabbutton & twisty:
with office2003, roundedbars, cutemenus, tabbutton & twisty

Phoenity integrates OS style elements (like the default theme):
Phoenity integrates OS style elements (like the default theme)



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