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Tiger Mail

Thunderbird theme based on Mac OS X Tiger Mail 2.

Supported Firefox versions: Thunderbird 1.4.1 - 1.6 ALL

Notes / Comments: To restore native scrollbars:Mac OS X (Thanks to Arronax): Extract nativescrollbars.css from > Contents > MacOS > chrome > classic.jar > global. Copy nativescrollbars.css into tigermail-2.1.1-tb.jar > global.Windows: Extract xulscrollbars.css from Program Files > Mozilla Thunderbird > chrome > classic.jar > skin > classic > global. Replace xulscrollbars.css from tigermail-2.1.1-tb.jar > global.Use any zip program to view .jar files.** If there is any version update to the Tiger Mail theme, you will need to repeat the steps above **Multiple email accounts (Thanks to Sam):Use this extension to get all new messages: Easy Get Mail ( issues: Calendar and Lightning extension not fully compatibleWhat's new in version 2.1.1:* Native fonts used* Selected sort header is highlighted* Folders show bold font for new messages and normal font if not* More display glitches fixedTips:* To align button spacing on the toolbar:Right click on the toolbar, select "Customize", then drag and drop multiple "Space" icons (or "Flexible Space" if preferred) to the toolbar.* To remove the menu underlined letters:Click Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Config Editor.Enter "ui.key.menuAccessKey" in the filter, and change the value to "0".* Re-arrange the toolbar icons as per the preview screenshot or to your liking.

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Tiger Mail preview

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